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Make The Best Crabcakes

hi guys i’ want to share with you some delicious crab cakes the ingredients of what you’ll need pepper bell pepper lemon garlic parsley a little flour panko bread crumbs egg old bay a little worcestershire some mayo scallions and then you need crab let’s talk crab you can do this with a jumbo lump crab i find that you have to sort of mess with it so that it holds together so you have to break apart you know the big pieces of crap so you might as well just get regular lump crab meat and then just sort of pick through it and squeeze out any excess moisture that’s a big deal because if you don’t then your your crab cakes will be a little watery so you want to make sure you squeeze out any excess water and you just kind of pick it apart until it’s in little tiny pieces.

You can still see that there’s some chunks in here right but for the most part i kind of messed around with it and just sort of like broke it apart as much as i could while leaving some chunks behind so that you’ve got texture but everything also holds together okay what you need for your veggie portion uh you need about a quarter of a bell pepper i’m using a red one you could use any color bell pepper you want i don’t like to do more than a quarter for this amount because i tend to think that it gets a little bit too sweet and i don’t want that you need some parsley i’m doing it in a mini chopper here because i don’t feel like chopping everything by hand but if you don’t have one by all means just go ahead and finely chop everything by hand um and it will be fine but by doing it this way you kind of the mixture becomes.

So fine that it incorporates throughout the mixture you know throughout the crab really nicely a few cloves of garlic and then i’m gonna use some scallions you could also use onions that’s totally up to you but i want the crab to really shine and i want the crab to have flavor you know i want the crab flavor to come through so that’s why i use things like a little bit of bell pepper and green onions because they’re milder than regular onions i don’t want anything to overpower and i’m just going to go ahead and use about yay munch of scallions four small ones or three bigger these are really small so i’m just gonna go ahead and use those top on and finely chop add this mixture to the crab i love this little spatula and.

It definitely does the job but the little ridges in the amino choppers make me crazy because things get stuck on them and then it’s hard to take to get them out okay then you need your old bay you notice i’m not adding any additional salt because obey is quite salty um but it’s got really good flavor a little bit of worcestershire worcestershire tomato tomato a little bit of that and then you need one egg which i’m just gonna lightly whisk like so and then you need a little bit of mayo not a lot again you’re not looking for really gloopy crab cakes i’m telling you the mixture of everything here is so perfect and they are just phenomenal.

You’re gonna have to trust me okay trust me a little lemon zest and lemon juice i would say about the zest and juice of a half a lemon or one nice big fat tablespoon full of lemon juice and about a teaspoon or so of the zest everything together just gives it really good balance i squeeze between my fingers to catch any seeds that is lovely and then finally we’re going to add in the flour and the panko now panko makes a big difference inside a regular breadcrumbs so don’t if you can help it just use like just use panko instead of regular breadcrumbs if you don’t have panko on hand and you don’t want to make an extra trip to the store you can definitely go ahead and just use regular but i think it makes the crab cakes so much lighter .

And now you’re just going to stir this all together i use a fork because i really want to make sure that i don’t compact this too much because again i’m looking for a really delicious light crab cake and the flour is just enough it’s just a tablespoon no more than that and it’s just enough to kind of help absorb any excess liquid but not enough to give you a heavy crab cake at all and now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna cover this pop it in the fridge 45 minutes in the freezer for 15. trust me then we get searing and then we get eating i’m gonna serve this and you’ll see it on the thumbnail with baked potato salad and corn very jersey style on the shore um and that’s how i think you should serve it too so while this is chilling get all your components together for that and then we’re gonna cook okay my crab mixture is well chilled.

And i i like to make smaller ones um you can make them as small or as big as you want i like to think the smaller ones are just better um i would say this mixture feeds about four um but you know you can also use it as uh mini cupcake cupcakes mini crab cakes uh or as a filling so i’m gonna go ahead and form my crab cakes i have a nonstick skillet with a little bit of oil preheating over about medium high right between medium and medium high i also have the oven preheated to 350 because once i sear them i’m gonna place them on this a little rack over a baking sheet and i’m going to pop them in there for about seven to ten minutes just to finish cooking them all the way through .

Because i don’t want to cook them in the pan so long that they might fall apart or overcook on the outside so we’re going to go ahead and do that here let’s put these in because i think the temperature is about good now with the oil and there’s no coating on the outside or anything i don’t want any of that i want pure delicious just crab cakes you know what i’m saying add them right in make sure you’re using a nonstick skillet please the last thing we need is expensive crab getting stuck to your pan because then you’ll get mad at me i don’t need anybody to be mad at me so i’m gonna do one more right there and then once i sear them on both sides i’ll get it out and i’ll show you.

What they look like before i pop them into the oven got my corn cooking too potatoes in the oven right on time these are perfect or perfectly seared on both sides be a little gentle with them because remember they don’t have a lot of binder they don’t have any coating on the outside but honestly i’m telling you they are just so much better than anything with a coating you gotta just trust me i’m gonna pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes or so at 3 50. i’ll get all my stuff together to make my plate and then i’ll show you what they look like well it’s not gonna look that much different but we’re just gonna dig in all right so the crab cakes were in the oven ten minutes they are perfect and i’m just i’m telling you right now they smell phenomenal probably could have gotten a spatula to get them off.

I will link i will post right underneath the recipe for the crab cakes the recipe for my tartar sauce that i posted along with my old crab cake recipe because it’s exactly the same i haven’t changed a bit i never do so i like it with a little bit of lemon juice and that’s about it i’ve got my loaded baked potato you know me i love lots of sour cream butter some kind of onion chive scallion whatever typically some cheese too but i’m not adding it in there corn and a little bit of mixed greens and that is like the most perfect dinner and this crab cake i’m telling you is like the lightest fluffiest most delicious crab cake on the face of the planet i know you’re going to agree when you have it no moss no fuss just absolutely delightful perfect for summer com get the right recipe i know you’re gonna love it hope you enjoy it.

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