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Make Overnight Dinner Rolls

hi guys today I want to share with you a fabulously delicious recipe for my over night rolls now my dinner rolls can you makethe dough the night before also wanted to make the batch bigger because well we’re feeding more people so this recipe is so phenomenal you aregoing to love it now these I mean theyare the fluffy if you have been making my dinner rolls for a while then you know they’re fluffy and delicious and buttery and so good these are like that but maybe even better I know I know and if you want to maybe make it less if youdon’t want to make as many just cut therecipe exactly in half which is really easy to do because a lot of every thing is equal parts so

it’s like six cups offlour 1 cup of milk 1 cup of yeah so it’s really really easy to dolet’s work on our yeast first becauseit’s really really important to some warm water you want to make sure thatyour water is nice and warm and we’regonna add a pinch of sugar and our active dry yeast I’m gonna stir that around and I’m just gonna set that as idefor a few minutes if your yeast doesn’tfoam and activate that means it’s not gonna want to do that in and your final step you know one when you want the dough to rise it’s not gonna do that so let the yeast do its thing for a few minutes and we’re gonna move on to therest of the ingredientsI’ve got lots of all-purpose flour salt to it I’m gonna add sugar in my standing mixer.

Here I am gonna be doing this in my standing mixer just because there’s alot of dough so it needs to pay for it self so just gonna give those a stir while the yeast is doing its magical thing I’m gonna take some whole milk and some unsalted butter mix them together pop them in the microwave or you can do thisin a saucepan and I’m gonna just putthose in there until the butter is just about fully melted and the mixture is really warm takes a minute microwave you’re gonna have to adjust yours but I’ll show you what it looks like and then look Pat pretty much gonna have to pull everything together it’s so easy but it’s the best fluffy enriched dough of life all rightthe warm milk and butter mixture is just where I want it the butter is continuing like continuing to melt as I stir butit’s fine if it’s not perfect.

I want youto look at the yeast because if your yeast at this point does not look like this all foamy and it smells really strong then your yeast is not activated so you either have old yeast or your water is too hot or too cold whicheither way will not work so I’m going toadd at this point everything in this isthe easiest dough I’m telling you it isthe easiest dough but it is fantasticI’m also going to take actually my eggs these are beautiful farm-fresh eggs give them a look a little wick add them inalong with this mixture and now I just take my wooden spoon just sort of like help it along just start to mix and thenI’m gonna put it on this bad boy I’m gonna put attached my dough hook.
I’m gonna let it go on medium speed for like two to three minutes don’t we’ll be alittle bit sticky but that is exactly what you’re looking for in the mean time grab a large bowl grease it butterI’m sorry butter a light olive oil batchor what ever um this is good I’m not gonna go any further I’m just gonna go grab my hook and I’ll show you what we’re looking for when we are there soafter about three minutes this is what your dough will look like it’s a little tacky it’s not sticky like wet dough butit’s a little bit tacky and you want to do now is you want to take this dough place it in an oil ed bowl cover it with plastic wrap pop itin the fridge over night my dough in my oven with the oven light on and it is perfect you can see it has risen quite a bit.

This is exactly what you’re looking for what I’m gonna do now is actually just add a very small touch of flour to my work surface because I don’t want to add too much and then what I’ll do because this is already oiled I’m just gonna take this baby place it in there you just want to make sure it’s resting at room temperature for a couple of hours some where really warm actually sothis is beautiful it’s phenomenal you can do one of a few things life is full of options here you can eyeball how many rolls you want to make with this which i think is a little bit of like ad angerous territory because you can have some really small ones some really big ones.

And they’re gonna cook unevenly and if they’re all in the same pan and it’sa disaster I don’t normally like to dothings that are super super precise butI do think a scale works really wellhere I just sort of flatten it a littlebit with my hands and I also think aboutone and a half ounce balls of dough isperfect for this because you are talking dinner roll you’re not talking a hugeyou know seeing what rolls so this is almost two and a half ounces it’s way too big and they’re gonna look small but you have to keep in mind that these are going to rise again so that’s right about where I want it so.

I’m gonna goa head and take one and a half ounce of dough and I’m just gonna divide all ofthis so that’s going to be the job I do for now and I also have a sheet pan here that’s been laid with some parchment paper and then we’ll move on and where my rolls and then the next step so theamount of rules you want to ideally endup with is right around 36 I’ve got 37 here which is perfect some where like 1.5cyma 1.7 you know you don’t work fast enough intoforming these into balls and cover this with a damp towel so they don’t dry out but I’m gonna work really really fast Ijust take one of my pieces of dough you want to make sure that your work surface is not too flowery because otherwise gonna slip and then.

I just use the palmof my hand and is a great by the way bicep workout I mean it honestly really is and that is what you want it to look like I’m gonnaplace these on my prepared pan you leavea little bit of room between each otherbut if they touch quite a lot it’s finebecause I think one of the best things about dinner rolls especially sweet dinner rolls it’s when they all kind of bacon to one and then you have to pullthem apart and it’s soft and it’s just pillowy and it’s amazing so I’m gonna go ahead and form all of these I’m going tocover the pan loosely with a lint-freetowel.

I’m gonna put it back into a warmspot I said I said my favorite spot isin the oven what the oven light turnedon it really warms up the oven leavethem in there for about an hour youreally want these to rise a bit more andthen we get going on baking and I’llshow you what they look like whenthey’re there all right these wererising for about an hour and I’m gonnapop these at a 350 degree oven for about15 to 20 minutes or until reallybeautiful golden brown halfway throughmake sure you just rotate the bakingsheet because sometimes I find thatthey’ll start to brown the very backbefore the front and you just make surethat they’re evenly browned I’ll tell you what they look like when they’r done alright these babies were in the oven for 20 minutes exactly make sureyou rotate that sheet pan halfwaythrough for even baking .

They’ve been outfor less than five minutes and when I’vegot going on here is something magicalI’ve got a little bit of butter meltedwith a touch of honey we went to arestaurant almost a year ago and theyserved buttery sweet rolls with a honeyyou know honey butter on top and it wasjust magical and now I can’t think of abetter way to top these delicious sweetrolls it adds a perfect touch of justbuttery goodness a little bit of sticky sweetness it’s just so phenomenal and I love how they all kind of like bakeinto each other and just you wait untilI pull these apart I’m just gonna brushthe tops and then just wait a couple minutes and then I’m gonna start pulling them apart.

I don’t think you’re fully prepared for what these are like okay like I just want you so badly to see them just like look at that all apart there’s just so that one broke whoops I guess that must be mine their height is perfect it’s just incredible the best just now I think it’s not come got the recipe make these you will love them I hope you enjoy spending time withme you’re gonna just love them they’resweet they’re so soft you’re so buttery and I hope you enjoy drinking meeting outside you

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