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Italian Stuffed Long Hots

hi guys I’m telling you this makes a lot after a pound of peppers here but you don’t need a ton of ingredients because you’re not gonna stuff them with a half a pound of stuff you know what I mean so you’ve got both kinds of cheeses I’ve got provolone I’ve got parm I’m gonna go up top I’m going to go ahead and grate in some garlic I’m gonna grate it so that there are no big chunks and I’m not gonna add it to the ground beef simply because it’s gonna cook in the oven for a bit and I don’t want it to just lose all of its feel strong flavor of Plus as it cooks with the tomato sauce and everything it just kind of really just this flavor and everything just becomes delicious so what is I’m gonna take two cloves of garlic and a piece of onion and my little onion container I keep in the fridge.

Okay a little piece of onion yay big and I’m gonna go ahead and grate it right in my bowl what my cheese’s okay and then I’m also gonna chop up some parsley just be careful that you don’t grate your fingers and this is not my superfine microplane zester you can see this is a bit more coarse perfect for jobs like this so I’m gonna grade my onion grate my garlic I’m gonna keep an eye on my beef and then I’ll tell you how to clean and prep your peppers okay so remember in here I’ve got a golf top provolone parmesan oh I’ve got garlic and onion that I grated and I chopped up some parsley chew it I’m just gonna add a small smidgen of salt because the cheeses are quite salty but not that I called up but the Perl alone in the apartment I still see my beef is ground ground mommy it’s browned I did salt it as well you always just kind of want to make sure that you saw to each each layer individually so that it’s really well balanced.

I’m already prepping my long hots I’m gonna tell you how I do it but before I do that I just want to prep my baking dish because I’m gonna start putting I’m gonna start fit when I filled them I’m gonna go ahead and put them in so I just take a little bit of tomato puree could use tomato sauce leftover marinara like whatever your heart desires I just feel like if you you’ve got a lot of really delicious flavors going on here then they’re gonna infuse into everything so it’s really not that necessary to go above and beyond and make a specific sauce but if you already have marinara on hands which hey I did that last week and they were delicious I’m also gonna add a couple spoonfuls of sauce to the mixture and I’m gonna add my ground beef that I have brown I got rid of some of the fat actually wasn’t that fatty so that’s fantastic.

I’m gonna just go ahead and mix us before I get going on the long cuts but once you have everything ready you can put you know you can go ahead and prep your long hots while your ground beef is cooking which is typically what I tend to do but I just want to warn you if you’re working with long hots okay you gotta be careful they are hot then joking okay if you’ve got cuts on your fingers it’ll burn so make sure you wear a pair of gloves if you feel like you know you don’t want to get hurt but I’m gonna tell you how to do them I’ve got two left you can see they’re not perfectly straight that doesn’t bother me okay so what I tend to do is I probably just gonna go right here.

If it’s too big of a bend you can just go ahead and go on the side don’t slice all the way through okay go like that and if the tip breaks like this one broke that’s all right well stuff it’ll be good and then add C I like to keep the tops on that’s why I do it this way but if you don’t want to keep the tops on you can just do this okay you can do that and it’s really easy but I’ll show you and then you just go ahead and you take out all the seeds and all the those membranes and stuff you want to get that out but if you want to keep the stem on its pretty okay let me live you do the same thing okay you cut okay oh these are already making me tear up okay you just leave it on like that and then you pinch it off and then you scrape off all your extra seeds.
okay now that we have all those ready now we go ahead and stuff you can use a little spoon but I use my hands I use my hands for all my food all my cooking really and then you just sort of stuff okay if you have leftover filling you can go a little heavy-handed if you have some long hots left over then you can just surround your baking pan with them and roast them alongside and they’re delicious and show you a couple more these are so good and make your whole house smell delicious I like them cold the next day and if you can get your hands on really pretty long cuts at all different colors I was able to find them last week then pick them up because they are really visually really beautiful to look at and we’ll do one more together and then I’ll just go ahead and continue to stuff without you you can see the skins are pretty thin so if you were to fill a bell pepper it would just take a whole lot more filling and they will need a lot more time to cook so I’m just gonna go ahead and do all of my long hots and then we’ll talk about baking I have a couple of long hot one long hot here one little stem that I just didn’t have enough filling for so I just cut them up stick them around like so let me get my foil oh boy already okay now you need a little bit more sauce okay a little bit more sauce on each one like that you can see I kind of overlap them and it doesn’t really matter I mean for the most part you want to make sure that they’re all in you know the cut side up but this is just old-fashioned good old old-fashioned classic home cooking am I gonna make myself crazy over it nope should you nope it’s gonna be delicious yup I feel like that tick tock okay do that then I’ve got you’re a little bit of parm and a little bit of breadcrumb you don’t have to okay but it makes everything a little bit more delicious I have to say just a little bit okay each one and then we’re gonna do one final little drizzle of olive oil and I’m gonna cover these some aluminum foil we’re gonna cook them at 400 covered for about 20 minutes and then I’m gonna uncover them for Nuck another 15 20 minutes I will show you what they look like when they are all done your house is gonna smell phenomenal my mouth is watering just thinking about it so I’m gonna go ahead wrap him up nice and tight throw them in now show you what they look like when they’re done all right these are in the oven 20 minutes covered took the foil off 20 more minutes they look phenomenal I just want you to see sort of what happens look at that to the side they kind of caramelize a little bit and they slump down see that I bet these cool hello she’s in it out I’m gonna go ahead and give these a try I have my big jug of ice water here there’s no ice in it but it’s pretty cold I’m gonna go ahead and give it a nice bite do I know what’s gonna be really spicy worth it though you found a bunny no there’s a bunny in my fight her giggle killed me get get your water ready so hot but the flavor themselves or absolutely it’s just it’s delicious. thanks.

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