we’re gonna be running on educate case .We used all stars via way of means of Tula crimson and we’re in 20s via way of means of Snow Leopard each of these are via way of means of unfastened spirit fabric and that they simply grew to become out so lovely this educate case is lovable it’s far the medium length and it has wallet interior of it and it’s all due to the fact bias binding so all of the interior is completed it’s only a honestly honestly lovely venture so allow’s get began out while you open up the sample there may be a web page of exceptional portions which you’ll must reduce and a tick list proper right here so you realize precisely what you’re slicing you’ve got got 3 exceptional sizes and we’re going to be making the medium sized there’s additionally a web page approximately trendy commands and

So I honestly suggest analyzing this it has what you want to realize approximately making this educate case approximately quilting approximately making bias strips additionally there may be a web page that has labels for the huge small medium educate case after which so what I did is I made a replica of this web page and I reduce out all of the exceptional labels for the portions that I turned into slicing in order that as I reduce matters I then positioned the label at the exceptional portions and so it simply makes it loads less difficult to hold up with what you’recutting out and as you’ve reduce it out you understand what you’ve got got so you don’t must pass returned in and degree it as you pass alongside additionally she has you quilting the outer fabric and so what you do is you narrow out your outer cloth the bosal or tender and solid and aligning and.

Then you definitely’re going to position the ones collectively and quilt this piece after which you may be slicing multiple portions out of this specific piece then you definitely additionally reduce out a longer phase and that one is the the front cloth the bosal and the liner so that you’ll quilt that after which reduce the portions out of that so I like how very prepared her styles are and it makes a huge distinction while you’re placing collectively a bag of this type so you realize precisely what you’ve got got so now I’ve completed my quilting and I desired my stitches and and did that each one the manner throughout every of those portions so now reduce out the extra sample portions from those and get began out on making the relaxation of the bag so now I’ve reduce out all my quilted portions after which I sewed approximately an 8th of an inch away all of the manner round all of the portions to seal the rims.

And I’m going to set all the ones apart in case you have a take a observe the sample that we’re the use of I’m the use of Tula crimson all-stars and this specific one is a directional print so which means that the animals all are going withinside the equal course so that you need to make certain that while you’re placing this bag collectively for example that is the facet the edges you need to make certain that the raccoons are going the right manner you don’t need the entirety mix-and-in shape after you’ve completed that the subsequent component you’re going to do is your zipper pull ties and so that you have this one piece you fold it in 1/2 of allow me try this like so and press it in 1/2 of and then you definitely’re going to open it up and.

Also you’re going to fold the rims into the middle and fold it over and so after you do this then you definitely simply take it to the Machine and also you stitch whoops you stitch it instantly down and set the ones apart as nicely so subsequent we’re going to bind the mesh wallet so we’ve got our wallet reduce out and we’ve got our elasticbinding and so that is a first rate binding the via way of means of any cells it’s stretchy one facet is vibrant the alternative facet is a matte and it has this first rate little crease withinside the middle so you can fold it over and do your wallet so what you need to do is you need to put this throughout down with the matte facet up you’re going to line up the pinnacle fringe of the pocket with that Center and then you definitely’re going to fold this over pin it or clip it with surprise clips after which stitch and.
So I actually have one completed right here in order you could see and what’s first-rate approximately it’s far it’s stretchy so whenyou’re the use of your little tour bag you’ll be capable of positioned more matters in the wallet subsequent is the manage we take this piece it’s five via way of means of eleven we’re going to fold it in 1/2 of incorrect facets collectively and press it we’re going to open it returned up fold the uncooked edges to the middle press once more fold it and press it as soon as we’ve completed that we’re going to open it returned up open one facet of it we’re going to slide the manage in right here you’re going to Center it.

So that you’re going to have a bit little bit of uncooked cloth on every cease that doesn’t have the stabilizer in it fold that returned over after which fold it over and clip it and pin it in region subsequent we’re going to stitch approximately an 8th of an inch all of the manner across the manage after you’ve sewn all of the manner across the manage you’re going to take the pinnacle piece and also you’re going to mark and 7/eight inches from the pinnacle area so I used a bit of chalk and marked right here you’re then going to line up one fringe of the manage and the the uncooked edges there after which your manage is really a bit bit longer than what you want and so then you definitely’re going to take this and pull that up in order that the uncooked edges meet the the threshold right here aligns with the chalk so this manner you’ve got got more more manage for while.

you choose up your educate case then we’re going to base this down on every facet subsequent we’re going to mark one inch over from the threshold after which inches over from the threshold after you’ve completed that you’re going to so the use of this following the equal strains as earlier than so throughout the facet throughout right here after which down this facet subsequent you’re going to begin right here and sew at the diagonal to this nook pass throughout right here and sew at the diagonal to this nook that honestly reinforces the manage for you to maintain whilst you’re the use of it now we’re going to paintings on the lowest stabilizer sleeve.

So what we do is we’re going to complete off the fast uncooked edges so that you’re going to fold this below a 1/2 of an inch and press it and then you definitely’re going to fold it in 1 / 4 of an inch and returned over like that after which you’ll pinnacle sew the rims of every cease all proper then we’re going to take the bigger mesh pocket andwe’re going to connect it to the pinnacle of the case so I actually have it clipped after which I’m going to head and stitch all of the manner round those 3 edges do now no longer so this fringe of direction due to the fact that’s in which you need to position matters now we want to spherical all of the corners so that you’re going to take.
I’m the use of a huge spool of thread and also you need approximately a and a 1/2 of inch diameter on the lowest and we’re going to line this up on the rims of the corners and I’m going to mark round right here on every nook after which reduce the ones edges off after which as soon as I’ve reduce themoff I’m going to head returned and pinnacle sew proper alongside the rims in order that the entirety is sewn collectively first-rate and neat you are also going to try this on the lowest of the case as nicely the small pocket isgoing to head at the returned facet piece and consider I talked to you approximately directional print.

so I need to make certain that the raccoon is on the pinnacle of the facet facet portions and so that you need to make certain which you positioned the pocket in the suitable spot so you don’t have an the other way up raccoon or some thing your print can be so I pen this right here and I’m going to sew round the rims so our subsequent step is to connect the zipper to the facet piece so that you take the zipper positioned it proper facets collectively with the pinnacle of the facet piece and also you need to make certain which you have a zip lengthy sufficient to head all of the manner throughout and feature a few left on every cease and.

So we’re gonna pass and positioned our zipper foot at the system and stitch this proper facets collectively after you’ve sewn the zipper on you’re then going to show this down so you are going to stitch the threshold of the zipper tape to the quilting and while you do this it’s going to present you a pleasing pinnacle sew on the alternative facet now that we’ve got the zipper sewn to the lowest of the facet piece we’re going to feature the pinnacle of the facet piece and so we’re going to position this proper facets collectively matching up the rims and we’re going to stitch that simply as we did formerly now make certain which you have all of the proper facets going you understand the right manner .

When you have a directional print the direct the sample requires a double zip zipper you don’t must use a double zip zipper on occasion it’s honestly difficult to locate them and so we despatched a unmarried zip and in case you’re the use of a double zip it it after you end placing those collectively it requires bringing each the zippers to the middle we won’t be doing that we’re simply going to make certain that the zipper pull is interior of this vicinity while we get geared up to reduce the entirety off so I’m going to head in advance and positioned those proper facets collectively and stitch my sector inch seam allowance after which pinnacle sew simply as I did with the lowest of it.
I’ve sewed the pinnacle on I actually have pinnacle stitched it after which I’ve additionally sewn throughout every endand I’ve trimmed off the extra zipper right here so that you’ll need to make certain which you have sewn throughout that so in case you by accident pull the zipper that waythat you don’t lose the zipper pull off a zip and so in this facet I’m going to reduce this off and you’re usually the use of a nylon zipper while you’re doing this so you can stitch thru it reduce thru it makes existence an entire lot less difficult so now my facet zipper panel is whole and I’m going to transport directly to the subsequent step so I’ve were given this all completed sewn and .

Now I need to position the returned panel piece on and I really took too large of a seam allowance placing my zipper on so I needed to trim a bit little bit of the lowest off and as soon as I did that I simply made certain that they have been the equal top I reso DeLong the lowest of the pocket and I’m geared up to sign up for those collectively so what I’m gonna do is positioned those proper facets collectively and clip them and stitch them collectively after which I actually have a few cloth that I’m going to apply for the the seam binding so this is proper right here so I’ll take those and I’ll take in to the iron and press them proper facets collectively after which I’ll display you a way to connect that to the strip .

I’ve sewn my seam allowance right here and subsequent I’m going to take this seam binding fold it incorrect facets collectively and press it and I’m going to put this matching up the uncooked edges and I’m going to stitch once more approximately 1 / 4 of an inch seam allowance down the facet of this k as soon as I actually have it sewed on I’m going I what I did turned into I went over tothe iron and pressed it honestly nicely it’s type of cumbersome proper there with thezipper and the entirety so pressed it I’m going to pin it after which you could both hand sew this down or you could stitch it together along with your system.

I’m going to stitch it with my system after which I’m going to trim off this extra right here and proper right here so I actually have my binding sew down and what I’m going to do now’s in shape up the uncooked edges with the alternative facet and it’ll shape a whole circle so that is the facet we zoom out a bit bit right here so that you can see this so that is the real facet portions of the bag so I’ll do the precise equal component to this facet that I did to this facet via way of means of placing the binding and the entirety proper now it’s steps T that’s assembling the educate case what you need to do is locate the middle of the returned and pin it pinnacle and backside.

And then you definitely’re gonna fold this all of the manner throughout and locate the middle of the the front and mark it with pins after you’ve completed which you’ll then open it returned up line up your pins and also you’re going to mark the middle of the edges in order that manner you could get the entirety disbursed efficiently while you’re placing this pinnacle collectively I’ve additionally marked the Centers of the lowest of the bag and additionally the Centers of the pinnacle of the bag while we positioned those collectively we need them to be proper sidestogether and also you need the pocket the outlet of the pocket dealing with the the front the the front of the zipper facet zipper piece.

So we’re going to take this andline up our marks and our pins and pin it collectively and you could use surprise clips or pins whichever you need to do is so the primary component earlier than you do some thing else is you’ll line up and generally tend collectively all the middle’s which you have marked so makes it quite clean to get the entirety withinside the right region I just like the truth that the bosal does now no longer pass all of the manner to the seam so it makes it a bit bit much less thick proper there while you’re pinning all of it collectively and stitching it I’ve sewn round the threshold of the pinnacle of the bag and so what I want to do now’s to feature binding to that to cowl up the uncooked edges so we reduce the binding and 1 / 4 inch and seamed it collectively pressed it incorrect facets collectively .

And so we’ll be doing the equal component that we did with the returned of the bag we’re going to position the binding on matching all of the uncooked edges pin it pass all of the manner round and in order that in order that down as soon as we’ve got the binding sewn on I’m going to take it and press it over after which pin it or clip it k so if you could see that or now no longer after which stitch it down you could stitch it via way of means of system or via way of means of hand it’s as much as you so we’re gonna do that each one the manner round it after which we’re gonna do the precise equal component for the lowest of the case I sewed all my binding down .

I did it via way of means of hand I assume it appears honestly first-rate and this bag is popping out honestly honestly lovely I love this cloth and I love the sample in order that’s the pinnacle after which we’ve got the edges so I’m going to position the lowest on subsequent and I’m going to statement my my Centers of the returned withinside the the front and onthe facets after which I actually have my backside is marked on every of these as nicely so I’ll get that each one pinned collectively and finishup this bag I’ve connected the lowest to the bag and I actually have it incorrect facet out proper now and I supply it a terrific press with my iron and now I’m gonna flip it over and positioned my binding on similar to I did with the pinnacle and as soon as I do this that is going to be a end venture.

So I actually have the binding sewn on and also you observe that it’s sewn directly to the facet this is the facet piece after which what I’m going to do is flip this in allow me get this in which you could see it press it and sew it down similar to at the pinnacle so only a couple greater steps and we’re completed I actually have my binding sewn on and the closing component I want to do is slide the card in the sleeve I needed to trim the card down a bit bit to get it to suit due to the binding is going in there and we’re gonna flip this proper facet out like so and supply it a terrific steam and press.

However I assume it grew to become out honestly honestly lovely and then you definitely’ll additionally need to take little zipper tie and thread it thru the hollow withinside the zipper pull after which tie it in a knot so this is our venture forthis month I desire you loved making your all award educate case we adore ours I simply assume that is first-rate first-rate lovable I tour all of the time so I’m gonna be filling whoops filling mine up so y’all have a first rate day.

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