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how to make The Best Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches

hi guys I want to share with you sort of an updated version of sausage and peppers and the best sausage and peppers ever they were so good and I cannot wait to share it with you they’re not difficult no groundbreaking ingredients but trust me they were heavenly all right I’ve got my little Dutch oven here my shower pan here with a little bit of olive oil I’m gonna be cooking all of my sausages but when I go ahead and to make the sandwiches I’m only gonna melt the cheese for a couple of them because there’s only two of us eating but I want to have all the sausages cooked because I want leftovers so that I can make like pasta and things like that and all I’m doing right now is searing the sausages like I like to pierce my sausages so that they don’t explode and then I’m just gonna sear them.

let me run you through everything else you need ordinarily I would just do bell peppers onions garlic Tim it got crushed tomatoes of some sort a little basil salt pepper let it simmer good to go which would be great but in my quest of trying to use up a little bits and pieces that I had in the fridge I came up with this combination and it was so good the obviously saw some peppers and onions and I like to use cubanelles here if I have them but red bell peppers were due and for a little bit of heat throw in a couple of long hots I am NOT gonna cut them I am NOT gonna pierce them because these are really hot I just want to infuse their flavor in the sauce and then at the end I’m just gonna give these to Joe because they are way too hot for me but he loved them.

so we have that lots of garlic that’s smashed a couple of tomatoes I had a couple of tomatoes that day that I wanted to use up and everything together was just phenomenal so I have a couple roma tomatoes that I’ve chopped a little bit of red wine and then in here I didn’t want to open up a new can of tomatoes because I only had a little less than 2 cups of cream I’d made some pizza sauce which is just tomato sauce putting on the garlic a little bit of basil thumps have furn a little bit of olive oil and I knew I needed more than like a cup and a half of liquid but I didn’t want to open up another can so I went ahead and just use about one and a half cups and then I added beef broth to it and it was so good.

So that’s what I’ve got going on here I’ve got about a little about 1 and 3/4 cup of tomato sauce and then I have water because I’ve got my powder bullion here but you can just use beef broth and a little bit of granulated garlic and then we have some fresh basil when you go to serve them I’m using kaiser rolls and we’re gonna toast them with our garlic heat butter so it’s almost like your bun is a garlic bread before you even put the sausage in it I’m gonna let the sear get I’m going to take them out and I’ll show you the next step my sausages are seared they look fantastic I’m not gonna add any additional oil to this because as you can see there’s still a little bit left plus a little bit of the rendered fat from the sausage you’re gonna add your peppers and your onions .

It smells so good not so good I love it I love the smell of sauteing peppers onions garlic it’s just like instantly feels like it instantly makes your house smell like a home you know what I mean I love it we’re gonna add a little bit of salt I want to help those veggies draw a little bit of the moisture and now I’m just gonna sauté these for a few minutes I’m gonna go ahead and add my whole clove of garlic to I add them whole if you really nice and mild flavor and as they cook because we’re gonna simmer this for about an hour so which you can salt you can simmer on low for hours if you want to the garlic it’s really sweet and delicious and it’s just truly phenomenal so I’m just going to let this go for a few minutes and then we move on to the next step I smell those look good enough .

You’re gonna go ahead and add in my tomatoes give those a head start I don’t know what it is but if this whole combination thing but you’re gonna tell me these are the best best sausage of pepper sandwiches ever trust that’s good enough good remember this is gonna cook for a while deglaze with some red wine butter really helped lift any bits from the bottom of the pan and I don’t let this cook out for a super long time I don’t want to disappear because I do want a lot of that flavor in my sauce while I’m here I’m just gonna take a pinch of my Italian seasoning and I’m gonna go ahead and mix it with my bullion do it like so and this will all mix together as it cooks I already love the way the smells okay.

I’m gonna Nestle my sausages back in nice flavorful bath they’re gonna cook for a while I’m gonna surround this s each with the long hots and if you don’t like heat if you don’t have long hots leave them out and just seems like I said a cubanelle pepper I I do like bell peppers and you can use all bell peppers I just find them to be really sweet sous-chef is playing with her own things over there so if you hear dinosaur noises and things like that her dinosaurs are having the teeth a tea party so it’s all good a few leaves of basil that I’cook this for a while and then I’ll show you what it looks like I’m actually gonna just leave it ajar like that for a little bit so that the steam can sort of escape and get all yummy and thick and delicious these are looking good .

They’re smelling fantastic they’ve been cooking a while and they’re pretty much ready let’s work on the rules I’ve got my oven preheated to 400 I’ve got these are actually portuguese rolls kaiser rolls you know whatever rolls you can get your hands on right now and i’ve got like a nice crusty roll for this they’re gonna be fantastic i have my oven preheated to 400 i’m just gonna split these open like so right we are gonna make the most delicious garlic parmesan butter to schmear on these then pop them into the oven then top them with the sausage with the cheese melted on it and trust you me oh my goodness they are so good it’s unreal I’m doing three Joe will eat two sandwiches man has an appetite.

And I’m gonna do one for myself but obviously adjust the recipe according to how many people you are feeding oh here we go again where I forget to open up peel my garlic but I don’t want to smash it because I’m gonna grate this so I’ve got a few tablespoons of butter now honestly this is very indulgent so if you don’t want to do this step by all means just leave it out but oh don’t know why you’d want to that’s all I gotta say my butter is really really soft I had it right next to the pot so it’s Burrell line starting to melt which is good it’s fine a couple cloves are good because you’re grading is so it’s gonna be  much stronger good watch your fingers and then a little bit of Pat McDonnell a pinch of Italian seasoning.

I always like to make my own Italian seasoning the recipe for the blend is in my book if you got my book then I suggest you go ahead .I don’t care for but might get okay then I’m just gonna take a knife and I’m gonna schmear this garlic parmesan butter all over the cut side of the bread and if you ut you can use on vegetables or you can do another one of these okay last one and now I’m just gonna pop these into the oven until they are I’m just gonna go extra with mine until they are just a beautiful golden brown and crispy and phenomenal and go don’t watch is this mine.

It’s good look ridiculous so I’m gonna go do that and then we build a sandwich like honestly listen if all you make is just the bread it’ll be worth it okay I’m just taking the tops off because I’m gonna just pop these under the in the oven just for literally a second I’m going to turn off my sausages already tastes the sauce for salt doesn’t need any additional salt I like to split hese don’t put it in there without drenching it into the sauce you know I’m saying that’s good no do two more and then I’ll put some peppers on these peppers it smells so good I just want to eat I’m sure you feel me although that’s like the story of my life though there’s just absolutely nothing new about that theme.

It okay come on get that one out saucy and delicious you could do one and a half sausages per person and you’re just gonna top each one with some of the peppers and onions and a sauce now I’m saying you can cut up the the long hots by the way totally you could. now all you do is a slice of provolone a little parm back in the oven for just a few seconds to melt the cheese then we top and we eat that’s it I like a little more sauce on top of the cheese like so and then I’m just gonna mmm listen if you don’t like saucy messy the best sausage and peppers my mouth is salivating.

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