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how to make really tasty salads

I want to tell you how to make a tasty salad every single time .I just found a bunch of fresh ingredients that I had on hand and I’m gonna put them together in a way that’s going to be incredibly delicious. fresh fruits and vegetables you’re going to use flour and baking soda and a little bit of salt and sugar and all those things generally taste the same fresh fruits and vegetables and greens they all vary in their tastes.

you can have one tomato that’s very sweet and one tomato that’s very sour and if a recipe calls for one tomato it generally doesn’t note a sweet or sour one and yet that variance could drastically change the taste of the final ingredients so more importantly than giving you a recipe I want to teach you how to throw these ingredients together how to balance ingredients. 1st step in making a delicious salad is getting a nice big bowl.

cherry tomatoes or carrot slices washed all of these veggies here’s some like mustard greens and kales cabbage arrangement of different ingredients that the first thing you want to do is work just gonna shake it off any excess water and just start chopping with things like lettuce because it’s very tender I like to leave slightly bigger chunks because I think that it’s very nice it adds a really nice texture and size to a salad so my lettuces I generally don’t chop all that fine because it’s nice when it goes into the mouth this is some endive same story for this .

it’s gonna go in the bowl we have some green garlic we’ll get back to that let’s do the lettuce first some people like to rip their lettuce that’s totally fine I think a knife works pretty good too so I just chopped everything with the knife yeah we’re gonna do the same thing to the endive and you go and you can see that just by using two different types of lettuce we’re already putting interesting textures into our salad this already is something that you can’t buy at most restaurants. Most restaurants will serve you baby greens from Costco maybe spinach or romaine lettuce generally speaking they’re not gonna have red leaf lettuce or endive so you’re already winning.

you’re already making a salad that you probably can’t purchase elsewhere next on the agenda where you have some cabbage now cabbage is a little bit more fibrous than lettuce so when I go and chop cabbage into the salad I’m gonna make slightly thinner slices because I want that texture to be very pleasant you know so you don’t have to go too crazy but thinner slices than the lettuce and then we’ll slice it in half and throw it right on top then we’ll keep working I like to mix my salad as I go continuously because I find that my ingredients then are more uniform throughout the salad one thing I really don’t like is when somebody slices up tomatoes or bell peppers something really tasty and then they throw it on top give it a very crappy mix and then all those ingredients wind up at the bottom of the barrel.

And so the first people that dig it into the salad they’re eating only lettuce and the last people are eating only Tomatoes we want everybody who tastes this salad to have all kinds of different flavors okay so next on the agenda we’re gonna keep doing our lettuces and here we have some radish greens these are just the green leaves from radish perhaps you didn’t know but not only is the radish itself edible but the leaves are very nutritious and very delicious we have some mustard flowers which we’ll get back to.

I’m going to use those as a garnish later on a little beet and we have some baby kale a couple different varieties so again here we’re going to chop some of this stuff up adding more texture to our delicious nutritious salad also these little stems they’re completely edible but I like to not throw them in the salad just because it’s a little bit more pleasant for the eater so those go in the compost you know if it’s a baby green kale like that’s probably fine to throw the stem in but as it starts to mature this gets tough and fibrous and so it’s it’s more pleasant if it’s gone and this isn’t rocket science.

so if you get a couple stems in there nobody’s going to hold it and more mixing okay look at that’s already gorgeous you have four or five different greens in here cabbage kale lettuce mustard this is a millionaire salad right here and so far it hasn’t cost me very much okay so check it out isn’t that pretty this right here you can just put in a Tupperware and stick in the fridge and then use throughout the week that’s one another little pro tip that I’m gonna give you is that you can pre make different salad mixes and instead of buying a salad mix from Costco that comes in a bag and creates waste you can make your own salad mixes which are way better way more nutritious.

And there’s no waste all of the waste this is created was actually compost that’s later gonna go in my garden and it’s gonna actually improve the quality of my soil next year once that’s done I’m gonna start working on my tomatoes tomatoes out of the garden are so much better than store-bought Tomatoes it’s like a world of difference in fact some people say they don’t like tomatoes and then I they tried tomatoes that come from a garden in my salad and it blows them away because it’s a completely different fruit and yes tomatoes are fruit so similar to the kale.

we’re gonna cut the little butts of the tomatoes out because some people don’t like that texture I’m not that picky myself but I’m not the only one who’s going to be eating this salad and I want to make sure that everybody has a nice experience so I’m going to consider others and cut out any unpleasant textures for tomatoes it helps to have a serrated knife because tomatoes are soft and unless your knife is very sharp it’s not going to cut through a tomato very well now I’ve been a bad boy here recently and I haven’t taken time to sharpen my knives so that’s something I need to do very soon here and until then serrated knife it is don’t be afraid to add heaps of tomatoes to your salad tomatoes give salads like a very sweet Pleasant flavour and sweetness is a very important flavor to add to recipes coming up here soon.

When we make the dressing I’m going to talk about the importance of balancing the five basic flavors and Tomatoes will help with that because they’re gonna add sweetness to the salad and they’re just gonna make even people who don’t like salads liked them more because of that sweet taste so spend a little extra money and throw up an extra few tomatoes in the salad I promise it’ll pay off in the end especially if you have picky eaters in the house maybe kids or husbands or wives so for a salad of that size I basically used about a pint of mixed tomatoes and then you dump them on top now as this thing starts getting more and more soupy.

I’m going to start mixing it with a spoon but certainly you can dig in with your hands too there’s nothing wrong with that moving right along let’s do some peas these are sugar snap peas they’re very sweet and delicious whoop drop one a little trick two peas the tips and Tails of them are slightly fibrous so we’re going to cut those off because again we want people to enjoy the recipe that we create and then we’re going to cut them in half and just start throwing them on top I like to line them up in a row save a little bit of time and just cut the tops off five in one go again it’s not rocket science find a method that works well for you.

This is just something that I figured out over the years now maybe some of you are sitting over there thinking man this is very labor intensive I don’t want to put that much effort into my meal and to that I’m gonna say when you put effort into your meal that’s what makes it truly delicious when your loved ones feel like you’ve put your energy into it you’ve put intention into it I mean that’s really the difference between a good recipe and an incredible one so you know use it as a meditation don’t think about it as chores just think about it as I love my wife or I love my girlfriend I love my kids and I want the best for them and because I do I’m taking extra effort to make it delicious look at that there’s another little preview my yoga teacher Tomeo recently said the way you do anything is the way.

you do everything so yeah put that little extra effort in and I promise it’ll pay off in the end okay what else we have some young garlic’s in here I’m going to take some of the greens from this garlic and throw it on top of my salad very finely chop this stuff and a little goes a long way so yeah it’s a big salad let’s do the whole thing know when our cameras gonna have smell attached to them this garlic smells incredible okay look at that it’s gorgeous right let’s give it a nicelittle mix next let’s do some corn.

So I have some white corn that I’ve husked and it’s raw hasn’t been boiled it’s also slightly sweet this is gonna add more texture and flavor to the salad and I’m just gonna pull lay it off the cob straight in just like that about a bing bada boom what else aha so we got a cucumber and a cucumber is nice sliced and some people like to peel the entire thing but because this came out of my garden and there’s nutrition in the skin I don’t want to get rid of all of it the skin of a garden cucumber also hasn’t been waxed so you don’t really necessarily need to peel it there’s no negative aspects of the peel.

When it comes from your garden so what I’m going to do just kind of for style and beauty is I’m going to go go through and just peel some of it and that will accomplish a couple things so when I slice the cucumber it’s gonna give it more intention and more that’s gonna be more interesting so when I’m sitting and eating the salad over dinner it’ll be maybe a conversation starter how did you get your cucumber to look that way maybe not maybe nobody will even notice or care but I’ll know you know what that’s kind of it’s kind of a thick cucumber let’s slice this stuff in half boom in you go another little pro tip is you can pre slice the cucumber not all the way so that.

It still stays together and then as you slice they just come off already pre sliced we’re learning together we’re learning right okay it’s getting pretty full and I’m gonna unsay what I just said a few minutes ago at this point I think my hand will do a better job mixing so I’m gonna abandon the spoon and just get a little sloppy Lala see I could have even done with a bigger bowl that’s okay okay what’s next we have a few more ingredients and then we’ll wrap this up and work on the dressing we have a beet some kohlrabi and at least one carrot let’s do the carrot first so traditionally most people just go and grate a carrot but that’s already been done and over done.

So we’re gonna do something a little bit more fancy you’re gonna take the sharpest knife that you have and you’re very carefully actually let’s slice it in half because it’s slightly safer so you’re very carefully gonna notch out some V’s so you’re gonna cut down the length of the carrot and make at least three V’s kind of like that you don’t want to cut too deep because you want the carrot to maintain its circular shape and then you do it again you got to be kind of careful because this isn’t exactly the safest practice but people love this stuff for a dinner party this stuff is incredible so we’re gonna do itto both pieces perfect that’s actually working out quite nicely okay so see what I did there I put three deep V’s like a little v-necks into the carrots and now when I go through and slice this bad boy look at what I have little ninja star discs made of carrot.

When you do this to your carrots people will remember this stuff for life I kid you not long after they’ve eaten the salad they’re gonna talk about this extra step that you took to make their meal magical that’s happened to me before it’s probably gonna happen again and you know feel free to steal this because it’s memorable oops boom check it out how cool is that pretty if I may say so myself just getting pretty full I’m feeling like we’re getting close I might leave the kohlrabi yeah why not everybody seen a kohlrabi let’s do it okay .

So we’re gonna cut it in half and then we’re gonna peel off the skin. skin is totally edible but again it’s a texture thing kohlrabi is kind of taste like an apple mixed with a radish like a sweet apple so we’re gonna use half of the kohlrabi there you go there’s a little kohlrabi let’s give it a nice little mix again and as you can see if this was a millionaire salad before announced a billionaires salad you literally cannot buy this type of salad anywhere not in a fancy five-star restaurant know where this is something you have to make yourself.

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