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How to make pistachio ice cream

hi guys I want to share with you how to make haystack kill jet ice cream right I’m gonna make pistachio ice cream. let’s get started you’ll need about 6 ounces and wait almost a cup and a half if you were to go ahead and measure it which I suggest you do if you’re gonna buy them in the shell you’re gonna buy a whole lot more because obviously they’re weighing them with the shell so keep that in mind I always buy them this way I’m gonna add them to a food processor they’re still warm which means all their weight you know what I just did what I always do I didn’t cut I didn’t click in the this blade come on there we go and you make sure you toast your nuts always especially if you’re trying to extract a lot of flavor out of them because that’s what happens when you heat them up all the flavor just sort of comes to the surface add a tiny bit of sugar and we are gonna do the same thing we did with our hazelnuts last year we’re just going to chop these really really fine just pulse away all right so.

I’ve got a couple cups of whole milk here coming to a simmer sure it’s literally right where I want it to be I can start to see tiny tiny little things little bubbles form around the edge don’t bring it to a boil this smells insanely good okay because it’s hot it warmed up it’s just like it made the entire kitchen just smell insane nice and pulverized basically just what I want I’m gonna turn off my milk because I just want a simmering hot I don’t want it to boil I’m gonna add my nut and a little bit of sugar mixture right in and now you need to let this steep for a couple hours honestly you could do it for an hour but of course the longer the better.

I’m gonna go ahead and leave it for a couple of hours and then we make our custard and then it has to cool does you know that’s what ice cream custard needs to do so I’m gonna go ahead and set this aside and I’ll show you the next step all right this mixture has been sitting for a while so it’s definitely been a couple hours so now what I’m going to do is I’m gonna pass this through a fine sieve if I mean you could technically do not do that if you want pieces of it all through your ice cream I mean Who am I to tell you what to do but I do want this you know quite smooth so you just pass it through a sieve and when you do you need to sort of like press down okay and what I do is let me just grab a little Bowl hold on one second because what I do is.

I take the pope if you will and once I sort of squeezed everything out of it right I put it in a bowl and then I will add a little bit more of the milk mixture to it at the end then just give it one final squeeze through the sieve just to make sure I’m taking as much liquid as much flavor I should say out of the pistachio mixture as possible so I’m just gonna keep doing this until I’m pretty much done all right so once I strained my pistachio mixture you’re gonna add more milk just to reach about two and three quarters of a cup of milk total then you’ll need heavy cream then you take this mixture I just rinsed my pot really quickly.

I’m gonna add this mixture and your heavy cream to a large imma always use a nonstick saucepan and you’re gonna bring this to a simmer just a low simmer don’t go crazy and off they needs to boil and then what you’ll do is you’re gonna take egg yolks and sugar you’re gonna add them to a large bowl and you’re gonna use a handheld electric whisk to go ahead and whisk them until they’re really fluffy thick and pale in color then I’ll show you the next step I’m looking for it’s really thick but what I need to do is I need to temper my egg yolks so while this is on low speed.

you’re gonna take your simmering milk mixture right and you’re going to do this so while it’s going scramble the egg yolk and this is good enough you’re just gonna go ahead and now add this mixture to this mixture and you’re gonna cook this just on low you don’t have you don’t want to you know cook this on high heat and squirt everything just until it’s really nice and thick and it’ll take probably about 8 minutes and I like to use a heatproof spatula to just gently stand here and stir to make sure nothing is sticking and that’s pretty much it for now and then I’ll show you how do we flavor at the end before it goes in the fridge all right custards Freddie you’re gonna pass this through a sieve you want a really nice smooth custard of course get that in there and then you’re gonna flavor that now you can’t you can’t technically leave it as is and just add a little bit of vanilla extract of course.

But I think in order for the pistachio flavor to really come out and shine you need to add just a tiny bit of almond extract and when I say a tiny bit I mean like for a batch this size I’m only gonna add about an eighth of a teaspoon because it’s really strong and I don’t want this to taste like almond but it’s going to enhance the pistachio flavor so I’m gonna go ahead and do half of this quarter teaspoon just like that literally a drop and then I’m gonna go ahead and do a drop of vanilla and now I like to add just a couple drops of green food coloring because I feel like for pistachio it just needs to be a little bit more vibrant do you know what I mean like you would get it at an ice cream shop you don’t have to but I do think it makes a big difference so I used this gel one and when you add it to something hot it will melt it and I do a very little bit at a time because this will go from nothing to vibrant green in a second and I don’t want super vibrant I just wanted to be like a pistachio color but again this is totally oh this is totally optional I just think it makes a difference and now.

I’m gonna go ahead cover this with plastic wrap I just make sure one more that’s live on the outside it was like yeah I’m gonna just make sure that the plastic wrap is touching the custard itself so it doesn’t form a really rear film on top and I’m gonna pop this into fridge overnight now when you pop this in the fridge overnight chances are you’re gonna have to probably put the insert of your ice-cream machine in the freezer as well so make sure you do that I’m gonna go ahead and do this and I’ll see you in a second but it’ll really be the next day for me my custard was in the fridge 24 hours and the insert to my ice-cream machine was in the freezer almost 48 hours before you make a ice cream recipe and ice cream recipe make sure you allow yourself plenty of time for the insert to your ice cream machine to freeze.

Most of them require it so make sure that you know your ice cream machine before you go ahead and get started okay so now it’s a very basic every ice cream machine it’s different you know this you don’t need me to tell you just let that up there you don’t need me to tell you that so you just now pour that beautiful mixture right in and this will take probably about close to 30 minutes for it to just turn and and freeze and then you’ll pop it in the freezer to finish freezing completely but it starts here oh ah that’s good oh my goodness gracious lid on.

I let it go alright friends that is done and a smells really good I got actually can smell the nuttiness oh it froze pretty pretty perfectly look at that it is creamy and it is gorgeous I’m gonna put it in my ice cream container you can pop it into the freezer just to let it freeze a little more solid come on but this is pretty perfect I have to say and you would not believe the flavor of this ice cream it is outrageous mmm it is toasty I nutty and smooth and perfection I hope it enjoys my anytime with me.

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