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How To Make Citrus Raspberry Bars

hi guys .I want to share with you this would be a tongue twister I’m calling it a citrus raspberry blondie bar they are so delicious you cannot imagine I’m using the base of a blondie and then we’re gonna do delicious like streusel topping and we’re gonna stuff it with like raspberries and lemon curd and it’s going to be delicious let me run you through the list of ingredients.

so we can get started it’s really short and sweet very versatile we’ve got some unsalted butter that’s really soft at room temperature flour baking powder and salt brown sugar and granulated sugar eggs I’ve got some fresh raspberries here you can also do this with blackberries you can do it with strawberries blueberries really any berry will do vanilla and you need some curd now this is my five-minute microwave lemon curd¬† it literally takes five minutes it does need to cool completely.

so I would suggest making this something before if you’re not gonna buy it from the grocery store but it’s very very simple the only difference I’ve done in that video I used all lemons I wasn’t able to get enough lemons from the grocery store to make up a whole batch so I ended up using I think it was four in lemons one orange and one lime so I made like a citrus curd so it’s just delicious and for the topping you’ll need more brown sugar cold butter a little flour a little salt and a little bit of and some oats.

These are instant old fashioned will work as well pre-heat your oven to 350 line an 8×8 with a little bit of non-starch mitt and then spray with nonstick spray and get that ready and now let’s get cooking really easy and simple I’m using the base of a blondie but I’m not adding any white chocolate because I find all of this together rich enough plus if you don’t add the white chocolate you get more of that tartness from the curd.

which I want so if you want to add some white chocolate chips to the base you absolutely can I just don’t think you need to I’m actually going to do this with a spatula first I’m gonna just take the butter and the sugar and I’m just going to work these together until the mixture resembles like whites and add your eggs and by the way I didn’t want to mention if you don’t want to make your lemon curd citrus curd and you don’t want to buy it you can also use some jam some marmalade whatever.

you know make it work for you listen always but especially in these times you’ll be living in you make it work for you boo don’t you dare make an extra grocery store run if you don’t have to hence why my lemon curd has a little bit of lime a little bit of orange which by the way came out phenomenal because I was not about to go back to the grocery store so they can work for you listen it’s not a big deal you know you’re just gonna go ahead and whisk this in this really is also absolutely delicious with blackberries blackberries happen to be my favorite berry it’s they’re very nostalgic for me.

They remind me of my Nonna they remind me of my aunt when I was little and I lived in Italy with my Nonna in the summer we used to go collect crates like from the trees well sure I guess crates and crates of blackberries and then my Nonna used to pick us up with his little truck and we would go home and then my aunt she would make the most delicious blackberry jam I’ve ever had my whole life and that’s why blackberry jam is my favorite jam and blackberry it’s my favorite berry because it’s just nostalgic and honestly if you’ve never had really good blackberry jam oh my goodness you’re missing out okay.

And now I’m gonna go ahead and just mix the baking powder with the salt in a little bit and I’m gonna go ahead and switch back to my spatula just to incorporate all of this together until it basically resembles like a cookie dough type of thing we’ve got sous-chef bag what’s it what’s it smell like you like our very own Harley Quinn here she has to have both both today both both colors you know all right let’s take let’s do this ready pass it down to mama this looks great looks like cookie dough basically okay out of the way to the flour this is this gonna be the topping okay I’m gonna have so chef’s work on it okay hey sous chef can you just mix all this together gently so it doesn’t spill okay Wow I’ve got my pan ready here I also have a little bit of a flour here in a bowl that’s just gonna help me if I need to use um it’s just gonna help me if I need to use my fingers and I don’t want to get sticky dough all over my fingers I’ll just use the the flour to Pat it in chef.

Are you working keep working come on that streusel topping isn’t gonna make itself you know I’m just gonna scrape it off this batch of them and I’ll show you what I mean about the flour you can also do this with water I prefer flour if you flour your fingers they won’t stick to your why don’t you do it a little bit put it in good I’m just gonna go ahead and flatten this out and then we start to stuff and top yeah that’s right okay gently gently okay now you keep mixing them I’m just cutting the butter in the sugar and flour mixture you can do this with a pastry cutter mine’s upstairs I don’t feel like going to get it so a fork will do we just want to get the butter incorporate it into tiny little pieces throughout the flour and the sugar and also here your bets me add it in.

you add in and things and you start mixing by hand you know it’s it’s Mama’s way of cooking you know what I mean go on all of it go ahead and I’m just gonna pinch it oh thanks baby doing good now kiss you like to make doubt you love to cook don’t you what else do you like to do you like to play I know you like to go outside what else oh you like to swim right okay this looks good let me see that’s good enough just shake it off your hands will wash your hands in just a minute .

okay I’m just gonna set this aside because there’s no point in letting you go because we’re almost done here’s a tip when your bass berries in okay with opening side up because as we as I pour the lemon curd all over I want that lemon curd to also go in little pockets of the raspberry so that you’ve got way too close together so you’ve got little pockets of lemon curd in each raspberry oh no how do we do what happened I did I think you’re doing fantastic okay and then you’re gonna just take some of the curd you’ll need about not quite three-quarters of a cup but not quite a half a cup so right around two-thirds of a cup you don’t want to go too heavy-handed but then again you don’t want to skimp and then miss out on that delicious tartness that is gonna add so much to this you would not believe in all of you sweetheart.

okay now that we had the lemon curd in we’re gonna go ahead and just top it with our topping right whew get it girl get it girl okay this is gonna go into a 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes it’ll look really beautiful golden brown and then even let it cool completely before you slice into them so you ready to go Naaman yeah and then we can wash our hands yeah I’m gonna go play for a bit more okay all right my bars have cooled completely I like when some of the raspberries and the curd kind of peeks through the top.

I just think it gives you it’s pretty you know and it also kind of tells you what’s going on in there I’m saying but you know I did it on purpose because it’s pretty my hair is probably a mess I’ve been on the ground playing with sous-chef and you know all the things your mom knows your mom’s know how it’s like what it’s like these days right hey mom and dads I should say I think Mia has put makeup and crowns and things on Joe more in the last few months than he’s had on his whole life and look at these they’re gorgeous you can see I hope you can see the curd kind of sort of soaked into the base you see that really fantastic.

I want to take a piece I’m going for the center I don’t even have to explain actually this piece is perfect cuz it’s got the raspberries right there that’s what I was really looking for I’m gonna go ahead and just gonna chop off a piece that’s what I want right there see the lemon the curd is literally in the raspberry cuz I placed it there see that what I wanted perfect lovely crunch.

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