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How To Make Biscoff Cheesecake

hi guys, I want to share with you how to make a no-bake bisque off cheesecake. I need a total of about a cup and a half of cookie crumbs now if you don’t have bisque off cookies which by the way I bought mine at Costco a while ago but virtually everyone carrying them now you can use graham crackers it’s fine if you don’t have bisque off you can use any cookie butter that you love so I’m gonna go ahead and add these in here like.

I want about a cup and a half of crumbs I’m gonna pulse them until they’re pretty much pulverized if I can get them all out of here I have another sleeve as a backup in case I need it because I am gonna measure this out to make sure I get the right amount so put the lid on and pulse all right this looks great it’s exactly where I want it I measured it out and I have a little more than a cup and a cup and a half which is perfect I have probably closer to a cup and three quarters which wide by me to it I’m gonna go ahead add some softened unsalted butter you can add some sugar here,

if you want to I don’t think it’s necessary because this these are not these are sweeter than graham crackers so I don’t want it to be too sweet because we are gonna add a lot of cookie butter and powdered sugar to the filling so I don’t want to go overboard and then just like have it be you know I mean when it’s too sweet you can’t taste anything else so pulse this until it becomes like what’s and the textures at what’s and perfect okay I have a 9-inch springform pan you want to make sure you use a springform pan because you’re gonna need to get this baby out once it is done now for the cookie butter I just want to give you a heads up that if you plan on making this recipe you are going to need two jars I get mine from Amazon and they are 14 ounce jars you’re gonna need two of them so keep that in mind don’t sell yourself short yourse

lf two jars of cookie butter maybe three or four you don’t want to give them one hand but I’m gonna go ahead and just sort of press this evenly on the bottom and a little bit up the sides but not really that much just want a very even layer here of this did and it already smells fantastic just from that all right so let’s make the filling you’re gonna add some cream cheese to a large bowl make sure that your cream cheese is softened every temperature and I’m gonna go ahead and give this a whip first I want to make sure it’s smooth there are no lumps so I’m gonna go ahead do that

I’m using my handheld electric whisk from 1986 certainly looks that way doesn’t it it’s so old but you know I get questions all the time about certain things around my house and things like that if you take care of things they last a long time it’s a beast I mean it is brought in and I’ve had this since before Li TK started so I’m gonna go ahead and beat this just to make sure that there are no lumps it’s so nice and smooth before we add everything else in which is gonna be a little bit of every cream powdered sugar vanilla and you’re pissed off cookie butter so there you go [Applause] okay now I pretty much add everything else in and you’re gonna beat this for a while because you want it really fluffy you want it really sort of mousse like in hindsight

I probably should have used my standing mixer but listen we got this a little bit I have a cream powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla extract go and now with patience lots of patience you are going to just mix mix mix for a good I’m gonna take a good five minutes trying to get this all off with this thing and it’s like if I get it all off the spatula it gets on the spoon if I get it all up the spoon is on the spatula but no wish me luck it’s perfect it’s really thick and just mousse like just wanna make sure every tiny little bit guy mixed properly if it didn’t just kind of work it in listen we don’t got time for uber perfection around here okay we try we try okay just trying to even this out kind of best you can just like that fact and now I’m just going to cover this I’m gonna just put a plate on top I’m just so that it’s not sitting directly on the cheesecake filling .

I’m gonna put a plate plate on top and then needs to go in the fridge for a minimum of like 12 hours 24 hours is best but definitely a minimum of like 12 hours so I’m gonna go do that then we top with more bisque off then we slice and eat yeah it’s the move very worth the wait I promise all right my cheesecake has been sitting in the fridge for almost 24 hours and it’s perfect now this is a really rich sweet decadent cheesecake so it’s not gonna be really thoughtful fall really tall but if you want a much sort of like higher and richer and you know thicker you know in terms of the base then you can add a one more block of cream cheese along with a half a cup more of powdered sugar and then you could have that I don’t think it’s necessary simply because like I said it’s very rich I’m going to work on next is softening some more pissed off I have about a half a cup here

I’m gonna go ahead and pop it in the microwave you don’t want to keep it in the microwave for too long I like to do it for 10 second increments until it’s like really runny and delicious and then I’m gonna top it with berries because I think with something so sweet you need a little something sharp a little something fresh a little something slightly tart to complement it because otherwise there’s just no balance right so I’m gonna pop this in the microwave and then what I’ll do is I’ll just start taking some these are some beautiful Jersey strawberries from the farm stand some of them are a little bit bigger some of them are smaller so I’m gonna just take the bigger ones and I’m gonna slice them in half I’ve got some blackberries I’ve got some blueberries any fruit you like will do I just think that you know berries do well and on cheesecake pretty much of any type so

I’m gonna go ahead and melt this and then I will we will assemble if you will once your bisca or your cookie butter of choice is melted I like to do just the edge and then I cover it with the berries it almost becomes like edible glue just because this is so rich I really don’t think that the entire top needs it but hey the world is your pickle boot and you do you I do would like to have some drizzle down it it almost looks like what does it looks like caramel it looks like dulce de leche I just love and trust me if you think this is good out of the jar wait until you melt it a little bit it’s absolutely divine and then I’m gonna just use a couple of bisk of cookies for the center and trust me I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t you know if it didn’t make a difference but I do think it makes a difference and I do like that once you put the berries on top it really just kind of elevates the whole thing so now that we have that now we just start decorating but you know for me it only involves the easiest thing possible and these little ones that just kind of leave them whole because I think they’re so pretty and I want to mess with them I’m gonna work on the berries at first and then I’ll plunk in the rest of the stuff the rest of the bay area should say okay.

So put your berries all on the top you put a couple of bisque all cookies I put some powdered sugar around yeah just because listen a thumbnail is important okay before I slice into it you gotta take the photo for the thumbnail so that you can see why sure about the gap and you know me we’ve been following lore in the kitchen for as long as I’ve been doing it the thumbnail photo is always the the dish right I’ve either made it that day or if I’ve been cooking the same thing over and over again it’s the actual dish there’s no like pretend fruits or blood over there so sneaking my thumbnail but now I can slice into it okay I just love the way this looks and I know

I’m gonna love the way that it tastes it is creamy me for she easy give me a second I just want to make sure I cut all the way through it’s hard to see what the I don’t want to I don’t want to slice the fruit too much that is gorgeous okay that is magnificent a little piece of the crust got stuck in there but you know what it’s fine it’s all good you do not know until you know you don’t know hunger that says until you make him and it’s actually I think this ratio is perfect if you want any richer you’re gonna lose some of that bisque off flavor right and you’re gonna make it so intensely rich that you’re just not going to enjoy properly now I’m not gonna lie to you one piece will serve me and Joe because it is rich and that’s just sort of how you get that perfect balance of being able to eat what you like and enjoy it without feeling like you’re overdoing it

you know I mean that was perfect it would be great made in maybe like a shallow I’m not gonna say baking sheet but like you know like a little cheap and like a shallow one so you could cut squares out of it for a birthday party and get together like whatever is coming up when we’re able to it’s just for testing all around and I can’t imagine anybody not going crazy over it there’ll are a nicotine calm or the written recipe and
if you enjoy spending time with me make yourself a biscuit okay you know.

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