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How to make Beef Teriyaki Skewers

hi guys I want to tell you how to make the most delicious and easiest teriyaki beef skewers say that 10 times fast teriyaki beef skewers I’m gonna be making my like teriyaki sauce you know what I’m saying right into the bowl but if you want to substitute your favorite homemade your favorite store-bought teriyaki sauce you can that’s what I was trying to get to but really to make homemade teriyaki sauce it just requires a couple of ingredients and you might already have these ingredients on hand so I mean when you through them you need brown sugar I’m also adding a little hot pepper flake because I like it .

I’m using a little rice vinegar you can also use apple cider vinegar soy sauce toasted sesame oil and a little bit of vegetable oil or light olive oil some ginger grated ginger and some garlic those are the ingredients for the sauce and how easy is that and that’s gonna be the marinade right then your needs beef of your choice I’m using sirloin and I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do to it that makes this so good and that’s going to absorb all of the flavor of the sauce let’s get going with the sauce because once I touch the beef I don’t want to get back into the sauce in a bowl make sure your bowl is not so big that your beef is sort of swimming around the marinade you want the beef to really be coating the in the marinade right so brown sugar it’s gonna add sweetness and balance the salty soy sauce but it’s also low sodium so every time I use soy sauce.

I always used low sodium then your ginger you’re gonna grate in a lot of garlic you could you know what I’m hungry so I can’t think straight either great in my garlic that way it kind of absorbs into the marinade and you don’t get burnt pieces of garlic all over so I’m gonna go ahead and grate in about five to six cloves you can do as much or as little as you want mix everything together and your marinade is done now I’ve got a little over two pounds of sirloin here that’s why I have so much marinade but if you’re gonna use a smaller piece obviously cut the recipe in half for the marinade it’s got a big piece of fat here which.

I’m going to cut right off because I don’t need it you know so it is a meat tenderizer okay it is not like a fork I mean maybe it is kind of like a fork but it’s got a lot of pawns in there and this is step that I do every time i marinade I do it a lot to tenderize chicken if I’m making it for me I even want to make chicken cutlets right and this will change the game when it comes to marinating anything and make it be chicken or beef or pork right you the barony will absorb into the meat and making it completely like it knocks it out of the park okay you don’t get just the marinade on the outside and you literally just do this all over on both sides and it tenderizes it right obviously and it also makes a lot of pockets for that marinade to go into I get this on Amazon and .

I am gonna work on getting an Amazon store set up so that everything that I always use and you guys asked for is easily accessible and that is a must-have in the kitchen so and that we had that done it you can see it took me no time at all and it makes the biggest difference I’m gonna go ahead and cut you can see now the marinades gonna go into every single bit of that beef okay I’m gonna go ahead and chop these into big chunks about yay big one and a half I want a half inch I would say and then I’m gonna go ahead and pop this in the fridge ideally you would want this to marinade for several hours but honestly even 45 minutes will do because the marinade is gonna sink right into that meat so as I do this I’m going to cut off excess fat because I don’t need it you know I’m saying and then once it’s ready I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna chop up some veggies and then we’ll skewer this up all right so my beef has been marinating for a few hours let me show you what I’ve got here I already got started because you know it’d be very boring but what I’ve got is some fresh pineapple that .

I’ve chopped some onion and a couple of different colors of bell peppers and I’m basically just doing what you would think I should be doing right now it’s just just skewing these babies um and do not panic about all of the marinade in here I’m not always we’re gonna boil it down we’re going to add a little bit of water we’re gonna boil it down and then once it’s nice and thick and reduced by a whole lot then we’re gonna glaze these when they come off the grill so nothing goes to waste in terms of you know what way I’m getting these skewered it does not matter not at all I’m literally just grabbing hunks of meat some pineapple that will get just deliciously sweet and savory and just so fantastic you’re gonna have to trust me I got about eight here I was able to get about eight skewers done but you know you can really stretch these if you were trying to make about ten then,

I would just add more vegetables add some zucchini at some more differ you know some yellow squash whatever you want just sort of stretch it out so that you make your beef go a lot further I’m gonna finish these two I’ve got my grill pan greased and hot ready to go I would do these outside but I can’t really take you outside it’s sort of not an easy thing to do so I’m gonna finish these two and then we’ll get them on the grill I’m gonna do these in batches so that won’t be able to fit all of them if I wiggle my way around maybe I’m gonna try these don’t need very long it stinks so you don’t have to cook it all the way through if you don’t want to I’m probably just going to cook these for a couple minutes on each side and I’ll rotate all the different sides in the meantime and it’s a little bit really well so just wait in the meantime I’m gonna take this marinade.

okay peace out you know take this marinade I’m gonna add a splash of water just a couple tablespoons and I’m going to put it on my burner and let it reduce and then once it’s reduced I’ll show you what it looks like and then we’ll glacis and they come off the grill and that’s it my skewers are grilled to perfection of my sauce I added some water and it has thickened beautifully and then right before you go to serve it you just take and you just paint and you’ve got to serve this with some rice because when you do this and you brush it on and you’re just there’s so much flavor there that you don’t want to lose look what the mess I just made mine why did I just do that I mean honestly and then .

I’m gonna sprinkle some green onions and some sesame seeds on top like I normally would my chicken teriyaki and that’s it now you’ve got to remember there is sugar in the marinade right so you don’t want to cook this on really high heat because the sugar on the outside the sugar from the marinade that’s coating that you know this steak and everything will burn instantly on the outside and what you want it’s deep caramelized so you can see it over here right it’s a deep caramelized flavor over here what you don’t want is charred what you don’t want is just burnt sugar don’t skimp on the pineapple don’t skip on anything because it is so delicious you will love it and it goes without saying you can do chicken shrimp tofu scallops whatever you want with this marinade.

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