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Ho To Make Pull-Apart Pigs in a Blanket

hi guys I want to share with you how to make a fabulous appetizer that I’m gonna make pulp art pigs in a blanket that we’re gonna serve with like a beer cheese mustard dip it is so phenomenal firstly what I work on is making the dough I like to do a fresh yeast dough for this but you can use something like puff pastry if you want but for the dough all you need is some all-purpose flour salt and sugar and I’ve got a little bit of active dry yeast here with a touch of sugar which I’m going to add to some warm water I’m gonna add that in there and I’m gonna just let that hang out and do its thing and then.

You just need an egg and some unsalted butter that’s cold that I cut into like two small little tiny pieces those are the ingredients you’ll need for the dough and then I’ll tell you the rest of the ingredients you’ll need to pull this together and we’re gonna make our dip which is really easy and you’re just gonna love it I’m gonna let my mixture do all the work we’re just gonna add four now all the dry ingredients right in and then when the yeast is activated we’re gonna add that in too so you want to make sure your yeast is activated and proved and I’ll get all bubbly and foamy and that’s.

When you know you’re at a right spot so when that’s ready I’ll show you the next step that is great you see it’s all foamy on top that is how you know your yeast is ready and activated if you don’t have that then you might as well you might as well just not carry on with the recipe because your dough is never gonna rise and what’s the point in that so then you add your egg and you use mixture put my dough hook attachment on here and I’m gonna need this on medium speed just for a couple minutes and then we’re gonna add the butter and I’ll tell you what it looks like when we’re there all right it’s been been a couple minutes and you can see it’s almost together and.

Now when I start doing is I start adding the cold butter and you’re just going to continue to let it mix until the butter is incorporated the size of your dough is a little bit like 3 C so I have like a tablespoon of flour reserved and I’ll just sprinkle it in there if I feel like I need a little bit of help kind of pulling the dough back together other than that I’m just going to let this go I have an oil bowl here ready I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done the dough is absolute perfection it’s slightly slightly tacky but I’m not gonna add any flour now because I don’t want this to be too heavy .

I’m putting this in my oiled Bowl just flipped it around cover with plastic wrap and let it rise until W no I like to place mine either in the oven with the oven light on don’t turn on oven or in the microwave anywhere that’s draft-free nice and warm and cozy it’ll do the job so I’m gonna do that and then I’ll bring you back here we’ll pull it together we make our dip mean we’re happy it’s the holidays everyone’s happy at the holidays right all right this dough looks crepes risen perfect I’ve got an oiled pan I like a metal pen for this you know I think it just gets crispier around the edge while that’s Mel’s good it gets crispy around the edges .

I just like I like a middle pan it’s that springform pan though which is hard to get it out so I have to be careful but for some reason you know me I’m weird I love this pan I got these from Italy years ago and that’s just the thing I like to bake them in okay you can do springform pan it’s easier I’m gonna just take a little flour dust my surface now here’s the thing okay this is a nice fluffy dough isn’t it beautiful beautiful we need to grab a rolling pin but in the meantime I want to chat with you for a second about your little Franks here I like using beef mini Franks that’s just.

What I like all that’s what I prefer every package is going to vary how many it’s got in the package this has 48 in them and it’s right about 3/4 of a pound so you’re gonna want about 50 little francs now if your package carries you know has 48 in them don’t bother buying two packages but sort of like that’s that’s what you’re looking for I also have sharp white cheddar we got this from Vermont actually when we went there for my birthday shredded that up I want a little bit of this and I want some double mustard so I’m just gonna go ahead and grab a rolling pin it’s my kitchen you think I know what the rolling pin is .

I do I’m gonna roll this out now I’m just really not that precise of a person but if I had to guess I’m rolling this out to about 15 by 10 okay if I had to take a wild guess but I want to make sure that I’m not adding too much flour otherwise it’s gonna like not hold and it’s gonna spring back and it’ll be a mess so I’m just gonna go ahead and roll this out I have a 9 by 13 inch lid here that I use as a guide but if I see you taking a ruler I’m measuring this out coming over and smacking you because that’s not a holiday cheer that’s called getting real crazy okay just relax it’s not that big of a deal you’re making pig in the blanket they’re all gonna bake together and be fantastic okay I’ll be fine a little a little bit yellow mustard schmear that all over i’ma take like a butter knife you know a butter thing situation here just cuz it’s slanted so it’s a little bit easier you want a thin thin layer.

I don’t want anything too thick because I think it’s just goopy as you’re starting to roll this out edge to edge here because you know flavor you like flavor flavor is good okay this also acts like a little bit of glue for the cheese that we are gonna add to this beautiful where is it here it is nice thin layer of cheese and that lovely I made these for a party we’ve been on Halloween and it was like the thing everybody loved so I figured I gotta share it with you because if you’re anything like us see I think people forget that the entire month of December is a month of festivities and you just focus too much on the actual Christmas Day but we’ve got friends coming over.

We’ve got game nights we’ve got activities and parties and whatever have fun there’s other things to worry about not worry about but like focus on except for the egg but the exception of just the actual day you know anyway this is great it’s about 4 ounces of really good sharp cheddar I’ve got 48 here which means I want 24 strips because I’m going to cut each strip in half ok so wish me luck on cutting 24 even strips I’m gonna I’m gonna guide myself first okay so we’ll just do one two three four six do the best we can okay I’m not gonna worry myself then you want to cut all of them in half horizontally this is really sad all the cheese went with it don’t worry that it looks like a mess you know what it would work it’s delicious fluffy yeast dough .

It’s gonna bake in the one anyway you take one at a time okay and you roll it around like a soul okay nice and snug and you put it in your prepared pan if they start to fall apart a little bit it fall over it’s fine cuz you’re gonna add the rest of them and they’re gonna be fine it’s fun everything is fine calm down okay calm down just gonna do the rest of them just put them in there alright what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna loosely cover this with like a lint-free towel and I’m gonna let it rest for half an hour and then I’ll preheat the oven and then while these bake we’ll get going on making the dip because we’re not dip you dip.

We dip I have to it’s like I’m a tip of my tongue alright these have rested for 30 minutes I’m gonna go ahead and put these in the oven and they’re gonna bake at 375 for about 20 minutes or so in the meantime we’ll make the sauce all right the sauce part is really easy what I have in here is little heavy cream and some cream cheese and what I’m gonna do right now is work on melting the cream cheese into the heavy cream once that’s creamy then we’ll start adding our cheese’s I just crumbled this with my hands cuz I didn’t feel like shredding it but I’ve got some sharp cheddar and I have some Monterey Jack I’m sorry pepper jack cheese cuz I want a little bit of kick .

I’ve got garlic you hear my little sous-chef and some paprika and here that’s like really really fruity or like a Guinness or anything my fat because that’ll be really strong here we’re gonna start adding our cheese a little bit at a time while whisking until it’s all melted and fabulous and wonderful and delicious and I mean we’re nearly there in terms of of simmer all right all the cheese is melted now I have this a really low heat I forgot to freak out the salt on the pepper because you do need some salt taste it at this point lots of pepper and then.

I’m gonna add in the paprika and the garlic along with the Dijon mustard in the Wurster sauce you can also use okay you can also use my grainy mustard like whole-grain mustard for this and it would be fabulous but I don’t have any um Dijon just does add a good amount oh the chair is too big let me taste it make sure that it’s good on the seasoning and then I know this looks really really thin at the moment but as it sits it will figure you know so now it’s cheese super thing okay wait for my pigs in a blanket come out of the oven and then we serve and I want to eat this for dinner it’s just a stupid self how do we dance how do you do she’s doing patty cake and working with the bee delish Calista flip right alright it stirred about 20-ish minutes in the oven and let it cool for a minute and I started pulling it apart in the cheese that’s sort of like ends up being on the outside of of the gel creates like these incredible but look how soft and fluffy it is to like it’s just good.

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